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Rachel Sparn, PSY.D.

Mental Health For A More Fulfilled Life

My Mission

Building a
pathway to a
more fulfilling life.

My biggest priority is to create a safe environment for you. We are a team working towards a common goal and I am here to give you the support that you need to reduce your symptoms and stress in the present day.

Meet Your Doctor

Hello! I'm
Dr. Rachel Sparn.

I am an evidence-based Psychologist—welcoming clients to my practice, now fully virtual, available to anyone in the state of Ohio. While my specialization is in trauma and EMDR Therapy, my practice is open to clients with others needs, ages 18+.

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Light Brown Dots

Let’s Get Started

I tailor my work
to each client.

After an initial foundation-setting session, we’ll develop an action plan and start our work on the path towards your healthier and more fulfilled life.